How to Spot a Bad SEO Company Before Hiring Them

Using Inferior Link Schemes

Stay away from SEO firms that make use of inferior link schemes. Links that are built quickly and for the wrong purposes are SEO techniques that are frowned upon by the search engines. Such strategies can ruin a site’s credibility. As a matter of fact, once Google discovers that a site uses such techniques, search engines can penalize or even blacklist the site. In contrast, a reputable SEO company builds quality in-bound links, and does this by means of high-quality content that is relevant to the website.

Promising to Include your Website in Numerous Online Directories

The idea sounds great since everyone wants to have tons of traffic driven to their site. However, you have to keep in mind that such a process can only be possible by using lots of low quality links. Actually, search engines will only consider a few links via this method. This means that being listed in hundreds of directories will not help you by any means.

Driving Irrelevant Traffic

The moment you work with an SEO firm, you need to regularly check your website traffic before and after the start of the SEO campaign. As you examine the data, it is very crucial not only to consider how many visits were there, but also observe what visitors do the moment they land on your page. If they just click on your site then leave, your content may be driving irrelevant traffic. If that is the case, find another SEO company that can provide high-quality content to let viewers stay on your page.

Not Revealing Everything

Once you decide on an SEO company, you want both of you to work hand in hand. This firm should be honest and transparent about everything they plan to do. Keep in mind that you can do an online search about practically everything that SEO companies do. Therefore, you are not paying for that kind of information, but for the experience they have in performing the job.

That is why an SEO company that does not provide you with enough information about what is happening is not being honest, and therefore, cannot be trusted. If this is the case, look elsewhere. There are lots of reputable SEO companies around, so you do not have to deal with a service that does not answer your questions.

Not Providing Helpful Feedback

One of the most important parts of collaborating with an SEO company is receiving advice on the things you do correctly or incorrectly. If this firm does not want to provide valuable feedback, it is about time to look for another company.

To put it briefly, it is crucial to hire a reputable and high-quality SEO company. Ask a potential service for some references prior to contract signing. Always remember that a company that does not directly or honestly answer your questions could be using bad SEO techniques, or lack experience in what they do. When you are aware of the signs that allow you to spot a bad SEO company, you can save a lot of time, money and effort.

Understanding The Latest Trends in SEO

The website is considered as result oriented and fruitful if it has the caliber to draw heavy traffic. In order to drag traffic on the website, it is mandatory that it should be optimized in regards to the parameters of the search engines. The logic behind this is that you only get visitors if your website appears on the top of the searches with the relevant keywords. The major portion of the population is using the internet services in order to search products and services. They use keywords while doing the search on the search engine. For example, if you want to go for the dinner, then you will search “best restaurant in New Delhi”. With this, the search engine will manifest the list of different websites of the restaurants which are optimized for this particular keyword.

The search engine algorithms are changing day by day. The reason behind this is that they want to provide authentic information to the users. To ensure this, they are regularly updating their algorithms. The latest algorithm updates of Google like Panda, etc are changing the conventional ways of SEO. According to the recent update, search engines like Google have decreased their updating timing. They are now striving to bring fresh information in the searches.

The SEO is divided into two categories: On Page Optimization & Off Page Optimization.

The On Page optimization includes activities which are performed on the website. These activities involve the inclusion of page titles, image titles, meta tags and description. These are considered as essentials in order to improve the ranking of the website. If these essentials are not present, then the website will not be able to attract the search engines bots. Thus, it will not get the top spot in the searches.

As SEO has changed, everyday SEO professionals use new techniques to improve the ranking and visibility of the website. One most influential way of improving the ranking is “keyword blogging”. This activity serves two purposes. One, it helps in updating the website with the fresh content. Secondly, it helps in targeting the keyword and also provides the opportunity for internal link building. The bots also count inter-links while estimating the authority of the website. So, it is considered as a very good step.

After On Page, there comes Off Page optimization. It revolves around the content marketing. In this, the authentic content is spread across different platforms in order to bring traffic. The content in the form of articles, blogs, PPT, PDF, social bookmarking, classified ads, etc is spread so as to generate back link. The philosophy behind this is that if someone likes your information, then (s)he will certainly navigate to your website by following the link. This helps in dragging traffic to your website.

The SEO is changing at very swift pace. It is but obvious that you should update your website frequently in order to get improved ranking and visibility. The updating will help in attracting search engine bots, which eventually results in taking your website on the top of the searches.

Five Ways To Promote Your Website For Free

Here are five ways you can promote your website without spending a penny. If you put time aside each day to do this you will find that your results will increase over time.

So, here are the five strategies.

1. Videos.

You can make a series of videos to post on your blog and YouTube. You can record anything you like that is related to your website.

Be Creative.

You do not have to stay with recording from just your screen. Some very popular videos start with the presenter outside somewhere interesting, like a beach or driving their car. They then take you into their studio, where they switch to screen mode to give you the rest of the presentation. Very creative and this seems to work very well.

2. Podcasting.

Podcasts are becoming ever popular and for good reason. They are a great way to connect with your audience. With a weekly podcast show you can have different guests on each week talking about different but related information for your listeners.

3. Forums.

Forums are another great way to promote your website. The secret to getting this right is by spending lots of time on them answering questions that other users have asked. You can start off posts with great and relevant questions. When you leave your name in the post other users will see it. Over time you will become known in the community.

4. Articles.

Articles have always been a great way to connect with potential leads. They have a great advantage as the shelf life of an article lasts for as long as it is published. If it is still relevant even after a year or two it may still get views. With a resource box at the end of the article your website will be seen by the reader.

5. Guest Blogging.

There are lots of blogs that will let you comment on their posts and let you leave a link back to your website. Some bloggers actively look for writers to guest blog. This gives their blog new content and you can get more promotion to your own website and name by doing this. You can use search engines to find blogs who are looking for guest bloggers in your niche.

There are lots more methods to promote your website. Consistent action is the key to success and over time you will find a steady growth of readers back to your own website and blog.

6 Ways to Put Your Business Website to Work

The most important component of a company’s online strategy is its website. Unfortunately, many small businesses publish a website and then forget about it, even when promoting their products or services online. Using these tips, you can put your company’s website to work helping to sell the products or services your company offers.

Regularly Update Site

While it is important for content on a website to be informative, it is also important for it to be fresh. Updating your site on a regular basis with creative, informative content can attract a regular audience and it helps to increase your site’s search engine ranking. If your site cannot be easily updated, then you should have it replaced with one that can.

Add a Blog

One of the best ways to update your website is by writing blog posts. If there isn’t a blog currently on your website, one needs to be added so you can promote your company and the products or services it offers. Blog posts can be written by the same person or you can recruit different people from your company to add blog posts on a regular basis so your customers learn more about your business.

Hire Professional Help

Most small business owners seldom have time to dedicate to updating their website, but keeping its content fresh and updating product or service information is vital to your success. Instead of trying to maintain a website yourself, hire a digital marketing agency to update your company’s site. They can also manage your social media accounts and create online strategies to help increase your company’s revenues.

Allow Feedback

Most people like being able to read reviews about products or services they’re thinking of buying, especially if the reviews are written by a company’s customers. Allow your customers to add reviews or testimonials about your business and its products or services to the site. Even bad reviews can help boost your search engine ranking and it allows the company to find areas in which it needs to improve.

Vary Content

When web visitors click onto a website and find nothing but a sea of text, it can turn some of them off and they will leave the site within a few moments. The digital marketing agency you’ve hired can add different types of content to your site to make it more interactive. Adding videos, podcasts and images to break up the text can make your site more appealing.

Link to Social Media

If there are social media accounts for your business, then you need to have their icons on your website. This will entice many of your customers and web visitors to follow your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts. If you’re not using social media for your small business, then you need to open accounts to use them to promote your company.